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Samsung S8 Global Launch

Oversaw project management of concept development and live implementation.


Brief objective was Galaxy S8 London and Milan launches aimed at two specific target audiences.

In Milan, the design audience solution was to partner with world renowned Zaha Hadid Architects and digital art/ design collective ‘Universal Everything’ to create a 1k sqm immersive installation. Design and technology blended seamlessly to bring the S8’s 'no borders, no boundaries' design philosophy to life in an impactful and credible way.


Visitors were invited to journey through the installation then welcomed into the Galaxy Studio to interact with a selection of Samsung products, including the new S8 device. The event received more than 33,000 attendees over the course of the week with extensive media coverage and was shortlisted as one of Milan Design Week’s the top 40 events. 


In London, the millennial audience solution was to partner with Royal Blood to create an innovative and stunning 360 4K live stream to bring the S8’s infinity screen handset technology to life.


The inspiration for the live show was to create a sense of infinite possibilities within the performance and surprise the viewer, who could experience the gig from the centre of the stage from a band member perspective. The event was live streamed on Facebook and in 360 4K on YouTube.


Working with over 25 suppliers, an abandoned underground building was turned into a unique music venue in 11 days. 


The stage set-up was a 10m diameter circular video floor wrapped in a custom 30m single projection gauze. Four mirrored rings were suspended above the stage moving on individual motors to distort the field of view and create a sense of infinity.


Custom made content was projected from 13 projectors positioned around the venue, designed to trick audience perspective. The stage set-up weighed 10 tons and was loaded into the venue by six 26 tonne trucks through a custom-built lift. 


A daytime session gave 175 Royal Blood super-fans the chance to hear the band preview an exclusive new track pre-release and become part of its official 2D music video. An evening session welcomed a second wave of VIP guests and included a live gig with a 360 4K live stream of four new album tracks and classics from their previous album.


With more than 15 million video content views to date, the project is on track to being Samsung’s best ever performing content campaign.

Client / 

Samsung Global

Agency / 

iris Worldwide

Project duration / 

6 months

Photography / 

Royal Blood:


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